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Pick your plan Essentials Premium Enterprise
  All the basics you need to secure and manage your network.

Minimum of 5 users
Advanced management network security features for larger businesses.

Minimum of 10 users
Enterprise-ready security features to customize and manage your network.

Minimum of 50 users
Cloud management platform
Cloud management platform to easily create your organization's network. Included on-premise and on the cloud.
Fast and easy network deployment
Automatically deploy your network in less than 10 minutes.
Dedicated global gateways
Private cloud gateways dedicated solely to your company and its needs.
Agentless application access
Zero Trust application access to HTTP, HTTPS, RDP, VNC, SSH.
1 Application 20 Application Custom
Policy-based segmentation
Easily manage application access by creating customized policies with a more granular authentication approach.
Activity audits & reports
Monitor logins, gateway deployments and app connections.
14  Days 30  Days Custom
Easy-to-use apps
Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
Automatic Wi-Fi security
Our patented feature automatically protects employee’s devices when they connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi.
Shared gateways in 35 locations
Secure gateways that is shared among the Perimeter 81 network.
Two-factor authentication
Prevent remote attacks with built-in SMS and Google Authenticator 2FA integration.
Single sign-on capabilities
Implement a unified login via Single Sign-On providers such as Okta, G Suite, Azure AD and Active Directory LDAP.
Always-on VPN
Always-on VPN provides secure access to the internet when connecting to a non-trusted network, which protects you from security threats.
Dedicated solution architect
Get an appointed specialist to assist with all your account’s needs.
SIEM integration
Capture, retain, and delivery of security information and events in real-time to all SIEM applications.
Site-to-Site Interconnectivity
Connectivity between two sites (onsite, offsite or cloud-based)
Split tunneling
Enables you to decide which subnet your traffic will go through if it’s Perimeter 81 or elsewhere.
Custom DNS
In order to use your internal DNS servers, once defining a tunnel you can also define a custom DNS server instead of using the default DNS.
Self-service knowledge base
Find any tutorials, guides, and articles on anything you need about Perimeter 81.
In-app chat support
Get immediated support assistance with our in-app chat agent.
24/7 24/7 24/7
Email support
Get immediated assistance with 1-day email response support.
Office Hours Prioritized Response 24/7
Phone support
Get assistance with a tech support manager in under 60 minutes.
Customer Success Engineer
Get an appointed specialist to assist with all your account's needs.
  Our Price: $10.00

*Minimum of 5 users
Our Price: $15.00

*Minimum of 10 users

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*Minimum of 10 users
Perimeter 81 Team Private Gateways per month
Our Price: $50.00

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