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Traditional VPNs do not provide the visibility, control and threat inspection capabilities needed to effectively secure your network. Thankfully, these critical pain points can be easily addressed with the Software-Defined Perimeter — a consolidated network access solution that provides secure, segmented and audited resource access.


Benefits at a Glance: SDP vs VPN

Compare the advantages of implementing an SDP solution in place of a traditional VPN.


  • Adaptive to every network
  • Global access
  • Precise segmentation
  • Secured & encrypted
  • Policies based on users
  • Seamless audit and report
  • Rejects account hijacking
  • Reduced costs
  • Least privilege access


  • Zero automation of network policies
  • Lack of remote user security
  • Doesn’t integrate with identity providers
  • Weak network traffic visibility
  • Unable to create identification rules
  • No network activity reports
  • An easy target for hackers
  • Implementation can be costly
  • Easy access to unauthorized users

Why Choose Perimeter 81 as Your VPN Replacement

Eliminate hardware VPNs with Perimeter 81’s secure Software-Defined Perimeter architecture.

Highly Scalable Security

With our hardware-free framework and flexible microservices platform, you can easily scale your network and adjust for new users, groups and network locations.

Automatic Wi-Fi Protection

Our patented Automatic Wi-Fi Security secures an employee’s Internet connection the second they connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Granular Network Visibility

Unlike traditional legacy VPN services, we provide in-depth, granular insights with monitoring, detection, auditing and activity logs, made available through full API integration.

Precise Segmentation

Our technology integrates with a number of Identity Providers, including Active Directory and SAML services to provide seamless segmentation at the user and group level.

Why Choose Perimeter 81 as Your VPN Replacement

Getting Started with a Software-Defined Perimeter

Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility

Unlike a traditional VPN, Perimeter 81’s SDP solution increases security, auditing, monitoring & visibility while reducing help-desk support & hardware spending.

Highly Scalable Solution

Highly Scalable Solution

Our SDP solution is highly scalable and integrates seamlessly with the cloud - delivering enterprise-level security for companies of all industries and sizes.

User-Centric Experience

User-Centric Experience

Ensure user-centric and adaptive, policy-based network access to on-premise resources, SaaS applications and cloud environments.

Cost-Effective SDP Network Access and Security

Our technology is built to replace traditional VPN technology and provides secure on-premise and remote access for the modern and distributed workforce. It offers a hardware-free, highly-scalable, cost-effective solution that ensures simplified secure network access to protect IP assets from end-point to data-center to the cloud.

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