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Powering Remote Work
Make working from home safe and easy

Perimeter 81 Remote Work

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the workforce, more companies are allowing employees to work from home. While companies save on physical accommodations and employees on gas and commute time, there are some inherent downsides - the threat of a cyber breach from an insecure connection, unreliable Wi-Fi, potential data-loss and more!

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Secure Access for Remote Workers

Whether working from home or on the go, make sure your organization’s most precious resources are secure.

The Challenges of a Mobile Workforce

With the rise of mobile workforces and the cloud, the traditional networking model can no longer be trusted. As employees work more remotely, standard security appliances are no longer adequate for secure access.

Cloud apps in use for an average company

Remote workers by 2022

Hybrid-cloud adoption in organizations

Year old VPN hardware tech still in use

Revolutionize the way you consume network security

This gives companies of all industries and sizes the power to be securely mobile and completely cloud-confident. Unlike hardware-based firewall and VPN technology, Perimeter 81 offers:

Cloud-based Secure
Network as a Service

Our holistic SaaS solution provides both customizable networking and the highest levels of security in the cloud.

Automatic Integration
with Major Cloud Providers

Perimeter 81’s unique native API integration with all the major cloud providers allows for seamless and automatic secure access gateway deployment.

30+ Data Centers

With data centers distributed around the globe, we offer remote access with low latency, and therefore higher productivity for employees.

User-centric Architecture (SDP) and
Zero Trust Model

Zero Trust Network Access for Network and Application Layers prevent cyber attacks in real time.

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