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The Proper privacy Regulations TeleHealth Needs Right Now

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While only essential employees are allowed to continue work as usual (with additional regulations), anyone and everyone who is able to work remotely has transitioned from the office to home in order to keep things on an even keel. This new remote lifestyle has changed the way we live, work, interact with people, and how we approach doctor appointments as well. The healthcare sector quickly implemented changes to provide a more remote experience to comply with social distancing regulations.

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Solving Privacy Risks

Due to surging increase of patients who are turning to telehealth services it comes with many privacy risks. Patients now need to explain more in-depth issues to their new doctors due to the lack of medical records on hand. The lack of updated records on patients creates a massive privacy issue between the doctors and the telehealth platforms which they are using. Since communication apps may sometimes be easily breached, this becomes a trove of valuable patient information. This is where HIPAA comes into play.

Achieve HIPAA Compliance with Secure Solutions

Tasked with choosing the best way to store, access and back up electronically protected health information, many healthcare technology companies and providers are looking at cloud computing. Adopting cloud-based Network as a Service technology is a great choice in comparison to traditional hardware-based solutions, as it offers scalability, affordability and increased compatibility with cloud storage environments.

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TeleHealth is the Future

As we are experiencing a global social distancing, telehealth is quickly evolving, as is the way that it presents a remote option for healthcare services. However, potential privacy and security risks could decrease its value moving forward. Soon, we should begin seeing more government bodies authorize and create federal telehealth privacy and security protocols which will help healthcare providers avoid risks to their patients and better show the numerous benefits telehealth has to offer.

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SASE is a new model for network security that is shaping the way organizations will secure their networks and data in the upcoming years.

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As employees work more remotely, standard security appliances are no longer adequate for secure access.

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