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Perimeter 81 Zero Trust Network Access
Ensure zero-trust access to on-premise resources and critical cloud environments with one unified cloud platform

Perimeter 81 Team Members Essentails per user/month (5 user minimum)

Our Price: $10.00

Ensure user-centric and adaptive, policy-based network access to on-premise resources, SaaS applications and cloud environments.

Perimeter 81 Products
Perimeter 81 Plan
Perimeter 81 Team Members Premium per user/month (10 user minimum)
Our Price: $15.00
Perimeter 81 Team Private Gateways per month
Our Price: $50.00
Perimeter 81 Minimum Packages Plan
Perimeter 81 Team Members Essentals (5 user minimum) + 1 Private Gateways per user/month
Our Price: $100.00
Perimeter 81 Team Members Premium (10 user minimum) + 1 Private Gateways per user/month
Our Price: $200.00

Team Members (Essentials)

Team Member (Essentials) licenses are necessary for each account user with a unique email address. Each team member should have their own user license. Users can access their Perimeter 81 account on up to 5 devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) at no additional charge. You can have as many team members as you do purchased licenses.

Team Members (Premium)

Team Member (Premium) licenses offer all the capabilities of Team Member (Essentials) tier plus the following capabilities: Agentless application Access (up to 20 applications for micro-segmented policy setting), increased Activity audits & reports retention (30 days retention versus 14 days for Essentials), access to shared public gateways (useful for clients traveling abroad that want low latency connections), Single Sign On integrations (integrate with client Identity Provider to provide simpler user authentication), and Always-on VPN (administrators can enforce user endpoints to always keep client connection active).

Private Gateways

A private gateway licenses providers a private cloud server dedicated solely to your company. By deploying a private gateway through the management platform your team members can share a single static outgoing IP address only accessible by your organization's authenticated users. Gateways allow for secure and granularly segmented team member access to on-premise network resources, cloud environments, and Zero Trust applications. Each gateway can support normal data traffic for up to 100 concurrent team member users. You may consider adding more gateways to support higher volumes of concurrent users or to add additional geographies where users are located.

“Never Trust, Always Verify”

Conventional security models assume everything “on the inside” can be trusted, which is why these legacy technologies are, for the most part, no longer effective.

Mitigating Too Much Trust

Mitigating Too Much Trust

The modern business environment does not guarantee that each endpoint, user and device in the network is secure.

Overcome Network Challenges

Overcome Network Challenges

Zero Trust network services and SDP configurations meet network challenges without draining IT resources or budgets.

Implement User-Centric Security

Implement User-Centric Security

Network security, policy enforcement and protection are easily implemented for all users, devices, applications and data.

Fully Customizable, Zero Trust Networking

With Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust Network Access service, benefit from a complete suite of networking capabilities designed to assure the security and integrity of your organization’s network.

Multi-Regional Deployment

Deploy private gateways in different locations to ensure your network can best serve international branches and employees with reduced latency and optimal speed.

Policy-Based Segmentation

Easily segment network access with our group creation and G Suite/ Google Cloud, Okta, Microsoft Azure AD and Active Directory/LDAP Identity Provider integration.

Built-In Two Factor Verification

Add an extra layer of security, prevent remote attacks and ensure regulatory compliance with SMS notifications, Google Authenticator and Duo Security authentication.

Precise Split Tunneling

Control whether you tunnel all your network traffic, or specific subnets, from our single-click client applications to Perimeter 81’s multi-tenant Network as a Service.

Site-to-Site Interconnectivity

Interconnect your cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, or create a secure communication link between two different networks located at different sites.

Network Auditing & Monitoring

Gain more insight into your network’s health, activity and security, including visibility into group and server creation, team member authentication, password changes and more.

Fully Customizable, Zero Trust Networking

Defining Zero Trust for Your Network

Internal networks are comprised of different levels of “trust boundaries” which should be segmented according to sensitivity.

Perimeter 81’s Zero Trust Network Access solution allows you to:

Segment Your Network

Segment Your Network

Network segmentation allows organizations to define internal trust boundaries to granularly control traffic flow, enable secure network access and implement network monitoring.

Establish Trust Zones

Establish Trust Zones

Trust zones are comprised of distinct pockets of infrastructure where resources operate at the same trust level and similar functionality, minimizing pathways and limiting malicious threats.

Manage Your Infrastructure

Manage Your Infrastructure

Efficiently monitor the network via centralized management capabilities, allowing data to be processed by tools that may further enhance network visibility, detect unknown threats, or support compliance reporting.

Perimeter 81 - Full Security. Zero Trust.

Perimeter 81 - Full Security. Zero Trust.

Seamlessly create, manage and secure multi-regional, custom networks that are interconnected to your cloud and on-premise environments.

With our Zero Trust Network Access, you can fully visualize your network and ensure least privilege, secured access to all your organization's valuable corporate resources.

How to Create Your Custom Network - Perimeter 81

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